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Batteries for stabilizing the power grid

The green transition requires new solutions

Fluctuating production of renewable energy, not least from solar and wind, creates instability in the electricity grid. Large batteries can help solve that. The batteries are installed in large consumption installations, connected with renewable energy production or directly to the electricity grid. The charging and discharging of the batteries is controlled based on the frequency of the electricity grid – thus the batteries can participate in Energinet's frequency market. In this market, the batteries contribute to stability, as the battery is discharged when the frequency is lower than 50 Hz and charged when the frequency is higher than 50 Hz. The owner of the batteries makes their capacity available to, which is responsible for balancing the electricity grid in Denmark. The owners are settled by according to the capacity they have made available.

In periods when the battery is not used in the frequency market, the battery can be used for other purposes, for example to cover imbalances in the Intraday market or for energy trading in the spot market. Finally, the batteries can also be used to minimize the costs of purchasing electricity if the batteries are installed in the electricity customer's installation, behind the customer's electricity meter.

Ecosolar offers solutions with large-scale batteries (from 0.5 MW). The solutions are adapted to the individual project and its finances. The solution models can be:

Model 1: Ecosolar develops and finances the project

Ecosolar rents space and electricity connection

The rent is settled according to a fixed price or profit sharing

Model 2: Owner develops and finances the project

Ecosolar sells a turn-key solution consisting of:

Battery and other electrical components

Access to the software portal, which is used for registration

Available ampere - do not hesitate to contact us

If your company has an electrical installation with a large number of available amperes, please contact us for a more detailed dialogue about the possibilities. We have proven experience, we have the partners and we have the resources - together we find the optimal solution.


About us

At Ecosolar, we contribute to the green transition in Denmark through the development of energy plants containing solar and windturbines as well as BESS projects stabilizing the electricity grid. Our current portfolio of renewable energy projects holds around 600 MW distributed around Denmark. We procure key components, build and operate the plants and BESS set-ups ourselves. Ecosolar is owned by the Danish family companies B+ Invest ApS and KAMC ApS. Together they hold more than 40 years of experience within the energy sector.



Dialogue-based project development is our core competence
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Why us ?

We carry out transparent development and give high priority to dialogue

We hold documented experience in the development of renewable energy projects


We have the will and the resources to focus on your project


We have a strong network of business partners that supports our development process and desicions.




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